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Twice Bombed, Twice Survived – The life of one survivor –


Lesson 4 Twice Bombed, Twice Survived
– The life of one survivor –

Part 1
1 On August 6, 1945, Yamaguchi Tsutomu got up happily. That was his last day
in Hiroshima. He was going back the following day to his family and home office in
Nagasaki. He had spent three months designing a big ship at a company in
2 On the last day of his assignment, he took a bus to the office, but he realized that
he had forgotten his inkan, a seal which Japanese use to stamp papers. He
returned to the company house to get it and left for his office, this time by train.
3 When he was walking from the station to his office, he saw a bomber flying and
then two white parachutes falling. Suddenly, there was a terrible flash and he was
blown over.

Part 2
4 It was an atomic bomb. The American bomber Enola Gay dropped it near the
center of Hiroshima, only three kilometers away from Yamaguchi. He lay dazed on
the road for a moment. When he recovered, he felt terrible pain in the left side of
his face and on his left arm.
5 When he looked up at the sky, he saw a big mushroom cloud rising high into the
sky. He felt that he had to get away from there as soon as possible. When he
reached a big tree in a field,

he looked around. He realized that most houses had
been destroyed. He had never seen anything like that before.
6 It was almost noon, and he decided to continue to his office to meet his colleagues.
When he arrived, he saw many damaged houses, but the survivors came out and put
their arms around him.

Part 3
7 After Yamaguchi spent a night in a shelter, he was told that a train for survivors
would leave Koi Station for Nagasaki in the afternoon. He walked to the station on
the opposite side of the city and managed to get a seat. After the train arrived in
Nagasaki the following day, he received treatment for his burns at a hospital.

8 On August 9, he returned to his office in Nagasaki. The left side of his face and
his left arm were heavily bandaged. All his colleagues came around and wanted
very much to hear about the terrible thing that had happened in Hiroshima. When
he told them that just one bomb had destroyed Hiroshima, his boss said it was
9 Suddenly, a great flash filled the room. Yamaguchi had come back to Nagasaki
alive, but experienced a second atomic bomb there.

Part 4
10 Yamaguchi survived two atomic bomb attacks. Like many other survivors, he
was in agony for much of his life. After his son died of bomb-related cancer at the
age of 60, however, Yamaguchi began to talk about his own painful experiences in
public. He believed that it was his duty to do so. He wrote books about his
experiences. He appeared in a movie about survivors. At age 90, he even gave a
speech at the United Nations in New York: “I experienced the bomb twice. I do
hope that there will be no third one.”

11 He also wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama after Obama gave a speech
in Prague and promised to work for peace without nuclear arms. The letter said, “I
was so moved by your speech in Prague. I’ll also spend the rest of my life telling
the world to stop having nuclear arms.”
12 Yamaguchi was once asked if he felt any hope about the future. After a short
time, he said, “I have hope for the future. I believe in love and in human beings.”
13 In his last year, he also said, “I have done my duty.” Two weeks later, Yamaguchi
passed away quietly in Nagasaki at the age of 93. His wish remains in all of us.

Lesson 4 二重被爆 ~ある生存者の人生~
Part 1
1 1945 年8月6日,山口 彊
2 任務の最終日,彼は会社へ行くバスに乗ったが,印鑑という,日本人が書類に捺印
3 彼が駅から会社へと歩いていたとき,1機の爆撃機が飛んでいて,2つの白いパラ

Part 2
4 それは原爆だった。アメリカの爆撃機エノラ・ゲイは,山口さんからわずか3キロ
5 空を見上げると,大きなキノコ雲が空高く立ち昇っているのが見えた。彼は,可能
6 もうすぐ正午になろうというところで,彼は同僚に会うために,会社へと歩き続け

Part 3
7 山口さんは,防空壕で一晩過ごした後,生存者のための電車が己斐
こ い
8 8月9日に,彼は長崎の会社に戻った。顔の左側と左腕には,何重にも包帯が巻か
9 突然,まぶしい閃光が部屋を満たした。山口さんは長崎に生きて帰ってきたものの,

Part 4
10 山口さんは,二度の原爆攻撃を生き延びた。ほかの多くの生存者と同様に,彼は人
生の大半を苦悩の中で過ごした。しかし,息子が 60 歳で,原爆症によるがんで亡くな
画に出た。90 歳のとき,彼はニューヨークにある国際連合で,次のような演説を行いも
11 彼はまた,アメリカ合衆国大統領バラク・オバマがプラハで演説し,核兵器のない

12 山口さんはかつて,未来に関して何か希望を感じるかとたずねられたことがあった。
13 また彼は,最後の年に「私は義務を果たしました。」とも言った。2週間後,93 歳の