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The Power of Presentation – How to catch listeners’ hearts –


Lesson 8 The Power of Presentation
– How to catch listeners’ hearts –

Part 1
1 “The games of the 32nd Olympics in 2020 go to the city of … Tokyo!” When this
was announced, all the members of the Tokyo Olympic Committee jumped up and
gave a shout of joy. The competition to host the Olympic Games, however, was not
easy. Each city—Madrid, Istanbul, and Tokyo—had both strong and weak points
before its final presentation. No one knew which city would win, so the final
presentations became more and more important. How did the Japanese presenters
reach their goal?

2 The Committee invited Nick Varley, a British presentation adviser. He was one
of the members who helped London be chosen to host the 2012 Olympics. Nick
thinks that the campaign to host the Olympic Games is the biggest presentation in
the world because the number of people and the amount of money involved are the
largest in the world. In addition, it is a wonderful chance for each country to
introduce itself and its culture to the world. Nick thought that Japan had a lot of
good points but was not good at presenting them, so he decided to advise the
Japanese committee.

Part 2
3 Nick chose Sato Mami as the first presenter. She was a Paralympian and had
also suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Her topic for the speech was
“The Power of Sports.” She was the perfect person to make this speech because she
really showed the power that helped her overcome her cancer and the difficulty of
the earthquake.

4 Of course, she was not a professional speaker in any way. The good thing about
her, however, was that she was used to hard practice as an athlete. For her
four-minute speech, she practiced several hours a day for weeks before the final
presentation. Nick said, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” Because of her
hard work, her true feelings toward the 2020 Olympics reached the hearts of the

5 You may remember the word “o-mo-te-na-shi” used by Takigawa Christel. This
word had a strong impact even on Japanese people, and it was chosen as one of the
most popular words of 2013. Why was this Japanese word chosen for her speech?
6 When Nick visited Japan, he was very impressed with the kindness he was
shown during his stay. He was told that this kindness is called omotenashi among
Japanese people, so he decided to use the idea of omotenashi in the presentation.
He tried to translate the word into English and French, but after all he couldn’t.
The word would lose its original meaning if it were translated into other languages.

7 In the speech, Takigawa said the Japanese word letter by letter, like
“o-mo-te-na-shi,” with gestures. This way of saying it had a strong impact on the
listeners. As a result, she was successful in getting their attention, and the word
omotenashi became the theme of the Japanese team.

Part 3
8 When the fourth speaker, Ota Yuki, made his presentation, he had two
important roles. One was to overcome Japan’s weak point—less support from the
local people than the other two cities. He talked about the parade for the Japanese
athletes who took part in the 2012 London Olympics. Five hundred thousand
people gathered in order to see the parade, even though it was on a weekday. Ota
showed that Japanese people support the Olympic Games just as strongly as people
in the other two countries.

9 The other was to make the audience imagine the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Ota
began his speech with “Imagine living in the heart of that city,” with a picture of the
ocean the athletes would see from their rooms. He repeated “imagine” three times
with new images on the screen. Here, he used the power of three. It is said that it
is effective to show three points or three examples in a presentation. With such
impressive pictures and videos, Ota successfully created the image of the 2020 Tokyo
Olympics in the minds of the audience.

Part 4
10 Their presentations made the difference, and Tokyo was chosen as the host city
for the 2020 Olympics. The keys to winning the competition were not only their
passion but also their communication strategies—such as practicing hard, creating
key words, showing evidence, and using the power of three. If Nick hadn’t given his
advice, their presentations would not have been as successful. Their dream came
true, and we will be able to enjoy the Olympic Games in Japan in 2020. This is the
power of presentation.

Lesson 8 プレゼンテーションの力 ~聞き手の心のつかみ方~
Part 1
1 「2020 年第 32 回オリンピックの都市は…東京に決定します!」 これが発表された

2 委員会は,イギリス人のプレゼンテーション顧問であるニック・ヴァーリーを招へ
いした。彼は,ロンドンが 2012 年オリンピックの開催地に選ばれるのを手助けしたメ

Part 2
3 ニックは,佐藤真海さんを最初の発表者に選んだ。彼女はパラリンピック選手であ
4 もちろん,彼女は決してプロの話し手というわけではなかった。しかしながら,彼
と。懸命な努力のおかげで,2020 年オリンピックに対する彼女の本当の気持ちが,聞き

5 滝川クリステルさんが使った「お・も・て・な・し」ということばを,あなたは覚
えているかもしれない。このことばは日本人にも強い影響を与え,2013 年に最も人気の
6 ニックが日本を訪れたとき,彼は,滞在中に示された思いやりにとても感銘を受け

7 スピーチの中で,滝川さんは「お・も・て・な・し」というように,ジェスチャー
Part 3
8 4番目の発表者である太田雄貴さんがプレゼンテーションを行ったとき,彼には2
人々からの支持が少ないという点を克服することであった。彼は,2012 年ロンドン・オ
ったにもかかわらず,50 万人がそのパレードを見るために集まった。日本人は,ほかの

9 もう1つは,2020 年東京オリンピックを聴衆に想像させることだった。太田さんは,
2020 年東京オリンピックのイメージを,聴衆の心にうまく作り出したのだった。

Part 4
10 彼らのプレゼンテーションが変化をもたらし,東京は 2020 年オリンピックの開催地
これほどまでに成功していなかっただろう。彼らの夢がかない,私たちは 2020 年に日