Christian the Lion – Love has no limits – | STUDY POINT~高校授業編~

Christian the Lion – Love has no limits –


Lesson 2 Christian the Lion
– Love has no limits –

Part 1
1 Shoppers filled a big London department store one day in 1969. John and Ace
shared a house in London. They were shopping then for Christmas presents to
send to their families in Australia.
2 While they were shopping, they found a small cage with a baby lion in it for sale!
“I’ve never seen a lion at a department store!” Ace cried out in surprise.
3 The baby lion was cute but looked really sad. They felt sorry for the lion in such
a small cage. Finally John said, “Let’s buy him.”

Part 2
4 The male lion was named Christian. In just a few days, Christian came to like
his new life with John and Ace. The two men and Christian got along really well.
If one of the men was talking to the other, Christian would touch him gently to show
that he wanted to play with them.
5 Christian also loved to go out. John and Ace bought a special collar for him.
When they walked with him, he pulled on his lead like an excited little dog. They
also ran and played with a ball together in a field for hours. “I can’t imagine life
without him,” John said with a smile.
6 At first, people were surprised to see a lion in the city of London. However, they
soon found that Christian was a lovely little friend. Lots of people, including
newspaper photographers and television reporters, came to see him.
7 However, Christian was growing up very fast. John and Ace felt that their
happy life wouldn’t last long.

Part 3
8 One day, Christian found a belt in the house and picked it up in his teeth. Ace
tried to take the belt away from him, but for the first time he angrily showed his
sharp teeth. Ace was shocked, and that reminded him that Christian was a wild
9 A few days later, the two men met George, an expert on lions from Africa.
George said that Christian should join other lions in the wild. John and Ace knew
that a life in the wild was best for Christian, so they finally agreed with George’s
10 In 1970, the three men went to Kenya to set Christian free. They also needed to
train Christian to live in the wild. Christian, then, met his new lion friends and
learned their ways of living.
11 Their last day arrived quickly. John and Ace spent one last fun day with
Christian. The next morning they left early without saying goodbye.

Part 4
12 One year later John and Ace came back to Africa. George said to them, “He’s
been fine with the other lions. He loves his new life and behaves like a wild
animal.” The two men were also told that it would be too dangerous to get near
Christian now.
13 When they came to a field, a lion appeared. It was Christian! Suddenly he
started to run toward them. In such a situation, anyone would shout in fright,
“Watch out!” However, Christian placed his big paws on Ace’s chest and started
licking his face! He did the same to John.
“I can’t believe it. He remembers us!” said Ace.
“I knew he wouldn’t forget us. I just knew it,” said John.
14 Later, Christian even took his old friends to see his new family. The men
realized that true friendship and love have no limits.

Lesson 2 ライオンのクリスチャン ~愛に限界はない~
Part 1
1 1969 年のある日,ロンドンの大きなデパートは買い物客でいっぱいになっていた。
2 買い物をしている最中,彼らは,売り出し中の子ライオンの入った小さなケージを
見つけた! 「デパートでライオンなんて見たことがない!」とエースは驚きのあまり
3 子ライオンはかわいかったが,とても悲しそうに見えた。彼らは,そんな小さなケ

Part 2
4 そのオスライオンはクリスチャンと名づけられた。ほんの数日のうちに,クリスチ
5 クリスチャンは外出することも大好きだった。ジョンとエースは,彼に特製の首輪
6 初めのうち,人々はロンドンの街なかにライオンがいるのを見て驚いた。しかし彼
7 しかし,クリスチャンはとても速く成長していった。ジョンとエースは,幸せな生

Part 3
8 ある日,クリスチャンは家でベルトを見つけ,それを歯で拾い上げた。エースは彼
9 数日後,2人は,アフリカから来たライオンの専門家のジョージに会った。ジョー
10 1970 年に,3人はクリスチャンを自由にするためにケニアへ行った。彼らは,クリ
11 最後の日はすぐにやって来た。ジョンとエースは,最後の楽しい1日をクリスチャ

Part 4
12 1年後,ジョンとエースはアフリカに戻ってきた。ジョージは,「クリスチャンはほ
13 彼らが原野にやって来ると,1頭のライオンが現れた。クリスチャンだった! 突
彼の顔をなめ始めたのだ! 彼はジョンにも同じことをした。
14 その後,クリスチャンは古い友人たちを連れて,自分の新しい家族に会わせさえし