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Saint Bernard Dogs


Saint Bernard Dogs

(Part 1)
Humans and dogs have been friends for as long as 15,000 years. During that
time, dogs have played many roles for people, such as being their pets, hunting dogs,
police dogs, and more recently, guide dogs and therapy dogs. We have considered
them our best friends and companions. The Swiss people in particular have a
strong affection for their giant dog―the Saint Bernard.
The name “Saint Bernard” originates from the Great St. Bernard Hospice in the
snowy Western Alps. The hospice was built around the year 1050 for travelers
crossing the Great St. Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy.
In the 17th century, Saint Bernard dogs started to work as rescue dogs for the
hospice. At first the monks used them as watchdogs, but they soon realized their
wonderful abilities as rescue dogs. They could smell people buried deep in the snow.
They could even predict storms and avalanches by hearing very low frequency
sounds. In severe climate conditions, they have saved the lives of many victims
over 300 years.

(Part 2)
Among the dogs of the hospice, one stands out from the rest. His name was
‘Barry.’ He saved 41 lives deep in the snowy Alps. His most famous rescue was
that of a young boy. When he found the boy asleep in a cave, he licked the boy’s
face to wake him up and carried the boy on his back to the hospice. Barry was a
very gentle dog, so the boy trusted Barry very much and did not feel any fear while
he was clinging to his back.
A Swiss animal psychologist once said, “We have never seen such a great dog as
Barry. He used to leave the hospice and go out into the snowstorms. Day after
day he would search the mountain for unfortunate people buried under avalanches.
He dug them out and brought them back to life by himself. When he couldn’t, he
rushed back to the hospice for help.”
Barry symbolizes the great reputation of Saint Bernard dogs in Switzerland.
Seen as heroes by the Swiss people, they are the national dog of Switzerland.

(Part 3)
In October 2004, many people in Switzerland were shocked to read the following
news in the local newspaper:
Saint Bernard Rescue Dogs: For Sale
Yesterday, the monks at the Great St. Bernard Hospice (2,469 meters high)
announced that they would be selling their dogs. Now that there are only a handful
of monks left at the hospice, it has become difficult to look after the remaining
eighteen dogs. Since the 17th century, the legendary Saint Bernard dogs have been
bred at the hospice in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. They have long
been working as rescue dogs around the Great St. Bernard Pass, one of the hardest
routes in the European Alps. Over the past three centuries, the dogs of the hospice
have rescued more than 2,500 lost or injured travelers. However, in recent years,
their rescue role has been taken over by helicopters and modern technology. Today,
they have simply become the face of the hospice. In the near future, these dogs are
expected to be taken to new owners.
(Part 4)
Having read this shocking announcement, the Swiss people stood up to help the
dogs out of this difficult situation. They felt it was their duty to preserve the
history of the Saint Bernard rescue dogs. They worked together to set up a group
called the Barry Foundation, named after the legendary rescue dog. The
foundation purchased the eighteen dogs from the hospice. It is now taking care of
them at kennels in the town of Martigny, a western Swiss town at the foot of the
Alps. Only during a four-month period in the summer do they come back to the
hospice in order to attract many summer visitors. Thanks to a large donation from
a banker in Geneva, the Saint Bernard Museum was built in Martigny.
It is no wonder that the Saint Bernard is deeply loved and appreciated by the
Swiss people. It is not simply because the dog is lovely and friendly, but because
the Swiss people have a long and deep relationship with it. This is the very reason
why the Saint Bernard is the national dog of Switzerland.

Lesson 3 セントバーナード犬
Part 1
人間と犬は,1 万 5 千年にもわたる友だちです。その間,犬は人間のためにペット,
グラン・サン・ベルナール峠を越える旅行者のために 1050 年ごろ建てられました。
17 世紀に,セントバーナード犬はホスピスで救助犬として働き始めました。最初,
ることさえできました。過酷な気象条件において,彼らは 300 年にわたって多くの犠

Part 2
ホスピスの犬たちの中でも,1 匹の犬がほかの犬より傑出しています。彼の名前は
「バリー」といいました。彼は雪深いアルプスの奥深くで 41 名の命を救いました。
彼の最も有名な救助は 1 人の少年の救助です。バリーは洞窟で少年が眠っているのを

Part 3
2004 年 10 月,スイスの多くの人々は地元の新聞で次のニュースを読んでショック
昨日,グラン・サン・ベルナール・ホスピス(標高 2,469m)の修道士たちは,彼ら
飼育されてきた。彼らは長い間,ヨーロッパのアルプスで最も険しい経路の 1 つであ
るグラン・サン・ベルナール峠付近で救助犬として働いてきた。過去 3 世紀にわたり,
ホスピスの犬たちは遭難した旅行者やけがを負った旅行者を 2,500 人以上も救助し

Part 4
体を設立するために共に行動しました。財団はホスピスから 18 匹の犬たちを購入し
舎で犬たちの世話をしています。夏の 4 か月間だけ,多くの避暑客を引きつけるため